Meal Planning Monday 7 March 2016

MealplanningmondayHello all! How have your weeks been? Mine has been busy as usual, but filled with more home things than work things in both reality and headspace, which has been a welcome development and one I’m keen to continue. I made the most gorgeous pork stew yesterday (I’ll blog soon) so time for some cheaper meals this week to compensate.

Monday – Bacon and Vegetable Tagliatelle (with fresh tagliatelle – so much nicer)

Tuesday – same as above, if it stretches that far…

Wednesday – Jacket Potatoes with Cheese / Beans and salad

Thursday – These black bean burritos (and check out Wendy’s blog, if you haven’t already – it’s beautiful 🙂 )

Friday – I’m out playing 🙂

Saturday – Vegetable soup, as I’m out for lunch

Sunday – Again, something light, as we’re both out for lunch

Now that I’ve written it down it’s not much of a meal plan if anyone’s trying to use it as inspiration – too much gadding! Hope your weeks will be filled with deliciousness 🙂

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  1. sebsmummy says:

    I could just eat a big bowl of tagliatelle today, yum. Have a fab week x


    1. Can’t wait to get stuck in – I’m going to add a swirl of cream in too! Have a good week x


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