Wonderful Wednesday 2 March 2016

IMG_2262Happy Wonderful Wednesday one and all! How have your weeks been? Mine was surprisingly lovely jubly since I was back at work having been off for a week. I remembered how much I love my colleagues, and my job really, I suppose… 🙂 And my weekend was packed to the brim with lovely things, including lots of being outside in the freezing bright sunshine and getting some air into my lungs.

Looking forward to reading what’s made you all happy this week, I’ve been loving this little exercise in gratefulness. Here’s what I’ve been thankful for recently:


1. Flowers. I always find something nice to look at outside, whether its summer lusciousness in full swing or orange autumnal leaves. There’s never really a month where there’s not something pretty catching my eye as I walk past. But now, having had a pretty warm, but wet and windy and grey winter so far, it’s nice to see some flashes of colour under the trees. I’m so so glad I planted crocuses and daffodils when we moved into this house last summer, but it’s also been a nice surprise to see that the garden is also jam packed with gorgeous clumps of snowdrops too, planted by the previous owners.


2. A freezing cold tramp along the farmers’ lanes on Saturday morning. I woke up not quite right. I had a lovely cup of tea, some relaxing music playing and a great book, but I just couldn’t settle. I was restless and nervy, so I chucked on some old jeans and headed up over the hill, annoyed that I was wasting my weekend. As the hills opened out and I heard the sheep calling to each other, I took a deep breath of country air and started to feel so much better. By the time I got home I was Back In The Weekend Zone 🙂


3. Discovering some new teas. I’ve been a camomile tea girl for years now. After I started getting the shakes drinking a whole cafetiere of coffee each morning at uni, I switched to camomile. I still have two strong cups of PG tips in the morning, or sometimes some DELICIOUS darjeeling tea we picked up on holiday over christmas, but after that its camomile all the way, or maybe a little mint, after dinner. I picked up this camomile and honey tea on a whim this week, and it’s perfect for a little sit down at the end of the day. It also kind of tastes and smells sweet – so it’s a little bit like you’ve had a sweet treat. Just a little.


4. Finding a new place for my lunchtime strolls. I’ve spoken about this before, but I’m LOVING my lunchtime walks at the moment, especially this week when it’s been so crisp and sunny (except as I’m writing this on Tuesday when it has been FOWL). Such a good way to squeeze in a bit of exercise, and keeps stress at bay. But my usual route was getting a bit samey, so I ventured elsewhere and found these huge reeds by the side of the river reaching up high. Cool eh?

IMG_22655. Planning. Maybe it’s all these new flowers popping up all about me, but I’m in planning mode, especially in my little garden. I’ve always wanted to grow my own veg, but I’ll I’ve managed so far is some rosemary. Has anyone tried anything? What works best? What’s really really easy? I love leeks – are they easy? Totally clueless 🙂

Trough of Bowland

Trough of Bowland6. Getting out to this wild wild place. Once again I felt really really lucky to live where I do. Although – it’s a choice isn’t it – I chose this spot for its northerness and it’s peace and quiet so I’m going to pat myself on the back a bit. This beautiful valley is a short drive from our house, and once we got there, through fields and green valleys, mountain road and open moorland, we couldn’t hear a thing but the wind and our footsteps. And our voices, as we were gabbling away most of the time, talking nonsense which is my absolute most favouritest way of spending a morning. We walked and walked and walked and puffed our way up the steep sides of this beautiful valley to this wonderful view, with just hills and moorland as far as the eye can see.

What’s made you happy this week? Anyone tried growing any vegetables? Ideas gratefully received!!

For more #wonderfulwednesday news head on over and enjoy the lovely blogs of Sally, Kate, Michelle, and Nadine.

Helen xx

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  1. Kate says:

    Your photos are just flipping flopping gorgeous. The sight of those bright crocus got me from the get go!
    Those reads you speak of a teesles (not sure on spelling) and they look absolutely lovely spray painted gold and artfully arranged in a vase for Christmas. Although shhh it’s only March we don’t need to be thinking festive just yet.
    Potatoes are stuff them in the ground and get on with it kind of gardening. Strawberries are easy too, but need covering so the birds don’t eat the best of the crop. Also there’s nothing quite like picking your own strawberries on a summers day and popping them straight into a summery treat (or your mouth!). I agree with Sally and Michelle – tomatoes are easy peasy plus 10000x times better tasting than any you will buy. I look forward to hearing your gardening exploits.
    Kate xx


    1. Ooh thanks-and I never thought of strawberries. Yes indeed it would be lovely to scoff on a warm day sometimes soon!


  2. sallytangle says:

    Hello hello!
    LOVE all of this – every last bit – but those photos are pretty magical!! We’re lucky ducks living up here. I can’t imagine not living close to the countryside, i just don’t think i could survive without sights like that and real proper fresh air – it fixes everything doesn’t it!

    We also love that tea! My other half calls it ‘Kit Kat tea’ as he’s convinced it smells like Kit Kats…he’s a funny one. I’ve been meaning to try their Camomile and Maple one too. I’ll bet that’s the bees knees!

    I’d love to grow veg too but we havent got a garden – just some pretty clay pots outside our backdoor. I did manage my own sweetpeas last year which i’ll never let anyone forget. and this year i’m planning a herby hanging basket – i’m thinking some lemon thyme, mint {since thats yum torn up in so many things come the warmer months} and maybe basil.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on. Thanks so much for joining along again – i’ve loved reading this!

    Sal xxxx


    1. You can grow potatoes in pots I’ve discovered…. Ooh maple tea now that sounds right up my street I love maple! Mmmm thanks for that!! Mmmmmm 🙂


  3. Michelle says:

    I’ve never made a leek from scratch before but last year I grew a bag of tomatoes and felt like Alan Titchmarsh for a while. They were pretty easy actually, just some sunshine and a bit of love. I’d like to have a go at something else this year, maybe some salad leaves? They’re supposed to be quite easy. Or some chillis?

    I swear I didn’t read this post beforehand but I extolled the virtues of the great outdoors in my WW this week, it’s never ever time wasted.

    Roll on more springiness and have yourself a fantastic week.
    M x


    1. Ooh tomatoes there’s an idea-don’t you need loads of sun though??


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