Meal Planning Monday 29 February 2016

MealplanningmondayWhat are you all planning to cook on this year’s extra day? I’ve had lots of meat this weekend, and I’m now looking to fish and vegetables this week to balance out. I’ve got some frozen fish fillets and lots and lots of pulses, so I’m also hoping I can get by without any more trips to the shops this week. I’ve heard of these ‘no spend days’ – has anyone tried that? I’ve started buying my groceries in little bits and pieces, but I’m a little concerned that this might end up being more costly – has anyone analysed it? This week as ever, I’ll be linking up with to join in the #mealplanningmonday mafia. Enjoy!

Monday – Extra veg and Extra Easy Spag Bol, with extra wine and extra tomato puree in the sauce for ultra richness 🙂

Tuesday – Fish pie. I’ve been having a bit of a run on them lately and they’re making me smile 🙂

Wednesday – More fish, and I might just make double the amount of pie I need on Tuesday, and have the rest on Wednesday… we’ll see how the week pans out.

Thursday – I’m out, and I’m not sure I’ll fit in dinner….think it’ll be a smoked salmon bagel from the local cafe, and very nice I’m sure it will be too 🙂

Friday – Veggie Chilli, with flageolet and kidney beans, lentils and sweetcorn methinks. I’ll make a bit vat and freeze it for a rainy / busy day.

Saturday – Always hard to plan so far ahead, but at the moment I’m thinking pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce.

Sunday – Now this really is too far to plan in advance – more pasta?…

Have a lovely week!

Helen x


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  1. I haven’t made a fish pie in ages, that might make it onto next week’s meal plan 🙂


    1. And really quite easy! I very very loosely base mine on Jamie’s: but leave out most of the ingredients as I don’t want the faff! H x


  2. Kim Carberry says:

    No spend days are great. I do one shop a week on a Saturday and end up not spending anything else until about the Friday.
    I love fish….My girls are not fussed but my fella hates most fish which limits what I cook. So annoying…Everything you have planned sounds so tasty x


    1. I don’t really cook enough fish. I find red fish a little hard to digest and get a bit bored of white fish tbh…maybe I’ll do a fish curry soon liven things up! h x


  3. Steph says:

    I do love a good fish pie! Sounds a yummy week 🙂 x


    1. nom nom me too – and I do a simplified version now too so not too much faffing!


  4. diaryofuem says:

    I really wish I liked fish! A fish pie would be a great warmer in this chilly weather. Your veggie chilli sounds really delicious! #mealplanningmonday


    1. Haddock’s quite a gentle flavour you could try it with that? Or prawns? Veggie chilli is AWESOME!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. diaryofuem says:

        I do actually quite like haddock, but usually when it is covered in breadcrumbs 😉 haha


      2. He he or batter?! Me too 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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