Wonderful Wednesday 24 Feburary 2016

IMG_2250Happy wonderful Wednesday all! What has everyone been up to? What’s made you all smile this week? Here’s what’s made me happy:

1. Being on staycation. Our holiday in Scotland was absolutely bloomin marvellous, and sometimes you can only really relax when you get away. At home, jobs and housework loom, and you haven’t really had a change of scene. However, as we jetted straight off at the beginning of last week, we came back and had a few days to mooch about the house and because I’d already been away, I chilled. I read, listened to music, cooked and watched films (The Beach wasn’t nearly as bad as all the reviews claimed). It was very, very relaxing indeed 🙂


2. And speaking of reading, I’ve been reading a lot lately and it’s making me smile. Drinking a cup of tea, listening to some guitar strumming in the background and reading The Sea Between Us by Emylia Hall was making me feel summery and nostalgic yesterday evening when I got in from work and had an hour to curl up on the sofa.


3. Swimming. Pushing through the water, going slow for the first 10 minutes, fast for the next 15 and then slowing right down for the last 5 (yes I only do half an hour – no need to go to extremes now is there?) until I’m just bobbing in the shallow end, watching and listening to the water ripple, has been lovely. Swimming’s the only sport besides my walking and pilates that I’ve ever enjoyed, and I love the way it also tones me up and makes my whole body strong in the process.

The half hour in the outdoor hot tub following the swim is always pretty magic too, especially on a clear night with the moon glinting down over the fields.


4. Walking home in daylight. As I finish work at 6, this always comes lateish compared to some, and it’s only really in the last couple of days that I’ve wandered out of the building with dusk just beginning. But the lighter evenings are making all the difference to my mood, and I’m arriving home ready to enjoy a few hours around the house, rather than battening down the hatches and hibernating.

I should point out I don’t walk home through a field of sheep as in the above image; I just liked the photo 🙂


5. Seeing my family over the weekend. Chilling, chatting, drinking wine and eating good food. However much older you get, there’s not much beats your mum’s cooking is there?

6.Listening to Amiina, an Icelandic folk (?) band? Folk’s the wrong word really, as it’s so much more than that, and maybe based more on classical music, with some other worldly sounds thrown in. As you can see, I haven’t really the words to describe it, but it’s my new absolute favourite thing to listen to, so head on to their website and transport yourself across the cold cold sea to Iceland if you fancy feeling completely and utterly peaceful.

7. Getting up an hour early, and going on a morning walk before work. I knew I’d have a busy day and I knew it would be full of meetings. I knew I probably wouldn’t manage a lunch break, and so that first hour, of morning light and only dog walkers around, was the best start to the day. A pause, a breath and some space before the jumble of work thoughts and worries.


For some smiles and uber joy, head on over to Sally, Kate, Michelle, and Nadine ‘s blogs full of thoughts and wisdom and #wonderfulwednesday happiness 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sallytangle says:

    i LOVED this!!! {do i start each weeks’ comment this way…? Hmm} Ah well it’s true. Such a jolly good list alongside some pretty pictures – i’m in hook, line and sinker! Also loving those funny tie-dye unicorn-esque sheep – there’s probably some scientific farmer-y reason they’re like that but for now let’s just call ’em unicorn sheep shall we?

    So glad you had a fab holibob, sounds like it was needed! I too don’t finish work until 6pm but we’re getting there with the light, esp after a clear day.

    Have a fab rest of week mrs xxxx


    1. Aw thanks 🙂 the colours are to mark them out as belonging to different farmers – but I’m not sure why they have TWO colours!! hxx


  2. Michelle says:

    Some weeks, the fact that I have to get out of the house for a morning walk each day before life begins is the only thing that gets me through the days. That sounded far more dramatic than I intended!!

    So glad you’ve found some space to read and relax and breathe. There’s something completely restorative about a bit of down time, we’re counting down the days to our holiday (72 I think!) which promises so very much relaxation.

    Wishing you a very wonderful week!
    M x


    1. Ooh where’s your holiday? I’ve been back a week now and it feels like I was never away – time to book the next one! h x


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