Leftover Roast Chicken Hotpot

IMG_2233There’s not much better either aesthetically or olfactorily (had to look at up) than a pile of potatoes crisped up to golden perfection on a freezing cold day. I’m not sure it even matters what’s underneath; the pleasure comes from the crunch of the crackly bits covering that soft sub layer of starchy loveliness. And the best part – the kind of chewy waxy centre of each slice. My oh my.

This was a request from Mr Roast Chicken and a Country Walk, who sampled a version of it in a cafe on a freezing day whilst holidaying in Scotland last week. Mine was less dependent on a rich gravy and more dependent on chicken juices and fresh vegetables than the cafe version, and all the better for it.

I always make extra veggies when I’m doing a roast, as I LOVE the leftovers. I often make a big chicken pie, or these chicken pasties (my most popular blog recipe) and then use the stock for soups – SO much better than cubes at adding a depth of flavour and much more interesting than salt, which most contain in abundance. Cooking like this means that it’s perfectly frugal to buy a whole large free range chicken (this one cost Β£10.45) as you can eke out many many meals from it. The beauty of this particular thrifty little (actually HUGE) dish is that you could stick anything in it, and for this reason I’ve linked up with Elizabeth’s No Waste Food Challenge and the Credit Crunch Munch food challenge run by Camilla and Helen, who’s hosting the challenge in February 2016. The other good thing about this dish is that it’s a ONE POT meal – and who doesn’t love those for keeping the dishwasher free for wine glasses? In fact, by roasting the veggies in the same dish as the chicken in the first place, you not only allow the veggies to absorb all the yummy chicken juices, you can use the same dish twice!

Winning πŸ™‚

Credit Crunch Munch

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Leftover Roast Chicken Hotpot

Leftover Roast Chicken Hotpot
(serves 4)

leftover roast veggies (I used 6 large carrots, 2 parsnips and a large onion, which I had roasted in a huge dish underneath the chicken) chopped into large chunks
as much leftover roast chicken as you have (I had about half a large chicken) chopped into chunks
1 tablespoon flour
1 chicken stock cube (or the stock from the chicken if you’ve already made it – I hadn’t by the time I made this)
splash olive oil
salt and pepper
about 6 large potatoes, sliced finely


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees.
  2. Put the veggies and chopped chicken on the hob,Β  sprinkle over the flour and the stock cube (or the chicken stock). Let it bubble away for a couple of minutes.
  3. Microwave the sliced potatoes for 5 minutes, then lay over the top of the chicken and vegetables in an oven proof dish (which could be the same one as you roasted the chicken in).
  4. Drizzle over the olive oil, season generously and pop in the oven for 45 minutes.
  5. Serve with greens, sit back and feel smug πŸ™‚

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Mmm I am loving the sound of this! Just my kind of leftovers dinner! Thank you for sharing with the No Waste Food Challenge πŸ™‚


    1. Ooh thanks – it was super yummy πŸ™‚


  2. fabfood4all says:

    Oh my this is just the sort or comfort food I want to eat right now. Looks fab, thanks for entering #CreditCrunchMunch;-)


    1. Thanks – it was SO yummy. The portions we ate were rather too greedy though our eyes were bigger than our tummies! h x


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