Wonderful Wednesday 17 February 2016



And a very wonderful Wednesday it is too, sitting here in Scotland with a thick chunky teacup of milky pg tips, watching the snow softly falling, the grouse strutting (no, really) along the wall past the paddock and hearing nothing at all. Yes, we’re on holiday this week and it feels good. Walking and eating and resting in Scotland. I love hassle free UK breaks without faffing with airports and Other People.

So here it is, Happy Wonderful Wednesday all; here’s what’s made my week:


1. This stunning stunning piece of the earth. Rocky and wild, silent but for little mini lake waves lapping up against the banks, this loch walk was firmly ranked in the roastchickenandacountrywalk hall of fame as being the very most lovely.



2. Having the roastchickenandacountrywalk hall of fame winner promptly blasted with this ramble. Bonny bonny Loch Lomand came up trumps and now I understand what all the fuss is about. Actually took my breath away to come round the corner and see this screensaveresque view. Strolling round it early in the morning before the Other People had arrived (noticing a theme here yet?) and staring and staring at the still water. So so lucky with the weather too.



3. Nibbling at this porridge with a little teaspoon (tastes better that way) to get me through the end of last week at work, which was one of the most CRAZY ever. Sweet brown sugar and sharp tangy rhubarb. Isn’t rhubarb divine? And it’s pink-bright pink-how cool is that? Just the thing to fill up my tum after my Pilates. Eaten sitting on the floor in my leggings, looking out at the clouds and the birds.

4. My Pilates regime. Now I don’t want to boast, or exaggerate, but I really do look a little leaner in the leg/bum department after just two wee weeks of Mary Helen Bowers. Thankyou for your pain inducing commands, your non existent bottom, and your lull-one-into-a-false-sense-of-security-intro-music Mary Helen, I am Well On The Way and feel great 🙂


5. Beginning last Saturday all stressy and with my head full of a million one little thoughts and work worries, only to find myself on top of a hill an hour later with my family, bracing as the wind whipped round us and watching little moments of magic like this glimmer of sunshine cutting through the clouds.

IMG_22306. Having time to loll around, to slowly make up mind whether to get up/have a cup of tea/move at all. To sit and think, or just sit (Winnie the Pooh misquote). My life is too busy, and I’m determined to cancel out all the crap I didn’t want to do in the first place and concentrate on lolling about more. Much more satisfying.


7. Golden light photography hour spent walking down a little lane, appreciating the trees, the setting sun, the colours, and looking forward to pasta and wine for dinner.


8. Tramping through a pine forest in the drizzle, having the occasional cyclist whizz by on the forest track. Smelling the damp pine and bog and feeling as small as a minpin gazing up at the huge tree trunks. Looking through the trees into darkness and recalling childhood fears of being lost in the Forest.


Reading all your lovely blogs and especially finding out about your #wonderfulwednesdays. Thanks Sally, Kate, Michelle, and Nadine, as always, for the little glimpses into your lives and the things that make you smile:)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. sallytangle says:

    Wowzer you’re photos are beautiful HELEN! There is too much lovliness in this post!!! It makes me miss home {my parents live up in Scotland} must make plans to get up there asap.

    Enjoy the rest of your time off and soak it all in, it sounds like heaven!!

    Sal xxx


    1. We were SO lucky with the weather – made it really perfect 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    That might be the most beautiful break, stunning stunning photos and that space to just be quiet is so precious. Hope you enjoy the rest of it so very much!
    And after last week I checked out Mary Helens workouts-oh my good god! OUCH!! Must be doing some good though.
    M x


    1. Ooh good luck with Mary Helen – she’s an evil genius I haven’t looked back!


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