Wonderful Wednesday 10th February 2016

IMG_20831. These biscuits, which I’m slightly (but not overly) ashamed to say I ate in one fair swoop. Bought from my beloved Booths supermarket when I popped into buy some paracetamol. Thought these would be as good a pick-me-up. Extremely buttery and crumbly and delectably moreish. I’ve not usually got a sweet tooth – one of these would be enough for me after dinner – but to kick this Big Bad Cold out of my system I thought I deserved a treat. Another (ahem) treat.

2. Having Mr pop by my work unexpectedly for a midday stroll by the canal. Lovely to stroll in the sun and think about someone else for a change. And it was on the sunniest day of the week, which made me smile and made my desk seem far away for a short while. Felt very very lucky that I work somewhere where I can get out to a bit of almost-countryside in the middle of the working day. If its not pissing it down that is.

3. Some seriously strong cheddar and tangy sweet chutney on ryvitas for lunch on Thursday. Eaten in a hurry at my desk staring at a spreadsheet that I had overcomplicated. Should have taken longer over them rather than a greedy gobble. Must try better next time.

4. Having a real emotional experience at the theatre last weekend. Laughing and crying as I watched ‘Wit’ at the Royal exchange. The rave reviews were entirely without exaggeration. I’m a fussy olde theatre goer and usually shows usually fall short of my exacting standards, so fab to see something, fab. Left in tears, as did most of the audience.

IMG_20824. Smelling these hyacinths day after day until their little pink fingers went green at the tips. Can’t get enough of that smell, which reminds me of my gran’s house at Christmas.

5. Buying some cool gear to make me comfortable while I do these INSANE workouts by Helen Mary bowers. Thanks Sally, Michelle and Rosie. Absolutely loving them and feel like maybe my bum is perking up a bit and will soon be non-existent like the lady in the video. Here’s hoping.

6. Looking forward HUGELY to a whole week off next week to tramp about the wilds of Scotland (or our holiday cottage if the weather is poor, which is likely). In the past few years I’ve made sure I take my holiday in batches, much more satisfying that way and something to look forward to. Just can’t wait to sit in front of a log fire, sit outside in a hot tub, drink prosecco, eat yummy food, stomp about the lochs, listen to the wind and forget about the nonsense that is work for a whole lovely long week and two weekends. Just. Can’t. Wait.


7. A sunday night of no wine (I’ll just polish my halo), but water and lemon, with a little self spa treatment. Watching my candles flicker and listening to this cool young Icelandic band; worth a listen if you want some relaxing music that’s just a little bit different. I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately and really enjoying how it makes me feel. It’s a great way of changing your mood, from stressy to relaxed, from languid to upbeat.


8. Enjoying these trees on a lunch break when it had got to 3.30pm and I hadn’t been out of the building. Had a brisk 40 minute walk and felt so much better after it.

Crocuses9. These darling peeping crocuses. Coming out through the damp, on a windy and rainy day, to remind us that the earth is still producing, nature is still around and we’re just those little dots that move around the surface of the planet.

Thanks so much once again to Sally and Michelle for their additions to this wee little blogosphere, helping people everywhere remember that mostly, life aint too shabby as long as you remember the little things. Here’s to the next #wonderfulwednesday!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. What a lovely post! I too am a ballet beautiful addict – I love her workouts, but they are SO hard!!! Your lunchtime canal stroll sounded so lovely – it’s always great to make time for a walk mid-day, isn’t it? Especially if it’s with someone you care about! I’ve been so excited to see the signs of spring lately too – I stumbled across a whole field of crocuses the other day that just looked so gorgeous! xxx


    1. Yes I ALWAYS feel better and ready to face the afternoon after a little wander to blow the cobwebs away. Glad you enjoyed reading X x


  2. Michelle says:

    Oh there’s just too much lovely stuff here! Those biscuits do look grand, hope they’re helping you feel right as rain.
    There’s something brilliant about those first few lovely blooms too, I’ve been trying to get a picture of some beautiful purple crocuses in a favourite walking spot but every time I bend down it’s like an invitation to the spaniels to BUNDLE!!! Crocuses don’t tend to survive a spanielling.

    And hope you have a fantastic holiday, it sounds a bit divine – cottage, log burner and prosecco, the holy trinity of breaks.

    M x


    1. Well I do feel better, and I’m pretty sure the biscuits have contributed! xx


  3. sallytangle says:

    Hello lady!

    Excellent week – those biscuits look DIVINE! I’m such a sucker for anything sweet. I could quite happily never eat a chip or bag of crisps for the rest of my life – can’t actually remember when i ate either! – but hand me biscuits, cake or any kind of brownie and a mug of my favourite tea and i’m in heaven!

    I’ve been loving seeing little crocusses peeping up in Bitts Park, i feel like that little place deserves some colour since its only just drying out from the floods.

    Golly gosh you lucky duck – your week off sounds divine! My current one has been spent buying a new washing machine and cycling! Please share lots of lovely photos so we can all live vicariously through them and pretend we’re there!

    Also glad you’re giving the MHB workouts at shot – man they hurt but i wind up feeling so great after them – and have really seen results quite quickly with them – so i don’t mind. I like how you can pick certain areas to focus on and do them really easily as they’re so short or combine a few to get a longer/half death inducing workout.

    Thanks ever so much for joining along again, LOVED reading this!!!

    Have a fab week off!

    Sal xx


    1. Ohh I couldn’t do without crisps and chips they are my LIFE! I even ordered chips rather than rice at a lovely thai restaurant the other week as I just couldn’t resist! Even though I then felt v full of coconut milk and oil 🙂


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