Meal Planning Monday 8 February 2016

MealplanningmondayMonday – potato cakes with a poached golden-yolked egg or two. Love my farm eggs, and bade farewell to supermarket eggs some time ago. Try them-you won’t go back.

Tuesday – I’m out for Thai food can’t wait! I was ecstatic to be introduced to the best Thai food I’ve ever had in my local little town and I can only feel sorry that I didn’t discover it sooner. I had the most perfect Thai green curry of my life a few weeks ago, and I shall repeat the experience tomorrow. Mr will have to fend for himself which usually involves a Birdseye chicken curry. Surprisingly natural ingredients-no, really!

Wednesday – yellow split pea and frankfurter soup from Nigella’s ‘feast’, a birthday present from Mr due to the affectionately titles chapter ‘the chocolate cake hall of fame’. To be accompanied by the crispiest bread I can lay my hands on.

Thursday – I’m expecting to have some leftover soup unless we scoff it all.

Friday – some pork loin from the butchers, with some farm box veggies.

Saturday – some more pork loin and I think my other half is away before….

Sunday – we’re away!! Scooting up to Scotland. Simply. Can’t. Wait.


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  1. sebsmummy says:

    Oh enjoy your green curry tomorrow. Have a fab week #mealplanningmonday


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