Wonderful Wednesday 3 February 2016

IMG_2053In the least arty farty pseudo sciency way possible, I really believe that it’s important to be grateful for the little things. To look around you, think about what you see. To remember who loves you, and who makes you laugh at work when you’re having a rubbish day / week / month. If you don’t, you risk missing them, waiting for the ‘big’ things, which may not happen.

I’m morphing my ’10 things that made me smile this week’ into a Wonderful Wednesday series, inspired by the gloriously upbeat (and fellow Cumbrian) Sally Tangle, and the fun and quirky Michelle, who has also found life outside London not too crap. Thanks for the inspiration lovely bloggers-here’s my first Wonderful Wednesday round up, and what a perfect week to start, being one consumed by a horrible virus and an incredibly stressful time at work!

1. The insanely delicious half a tub of salted caramel Häagen-Dazs I devoured feeling very sick and sorry for myself having come down with the Big Bad Bug this week. That salty oozy core, the almost crunchy almost chewy little pieces. Yes yes yes. Yes. Sometimes you just need ice cream, and this one soothed my throat and my soul in equal measures. Wasn’t so keen on the fact that I spend £17 in Booths in the same trip. Fellow Northerners who have access to this fabulous, tempting expensive farmer’s market of a supermarket – have you ever been here and spent less than a tenner? Really? Picked up some bright pink rhubarb to dollop, fridge cold on hot porridge this week, as well as some grapefruit juice to try and kick this cold out of my poorly body 😦 and thus began the march on towards £17!

2. The smiley lady who sold me the afore mentioned ice cream to me. With a big grin and a friendly enquiry about my day. When’s the last time that happened? Love living up north where people are nice. Love the way she didn’t have to bother, but did.

IMG_20563. My lovely lovely snowdrops and daffodils, and even a little rose that appeared last week. I looked out one miserable cold dark damp morning and there they were, little bubbles of spring promise waving at me. So pleased I planted them back in December. The daffodils are standing perkily, their little sunshine bobble hats dancing in the wind as I write this, and the snowdrops are just peeping out of every little nook and cranny in my ramshackle garden. Ramshackle in a my-fence-blew-down-in-November-storms-and-I-still-haven’t-put-it-up kind of way, not cutesy country kitchen ramshackle, just in case you were wondering. But I still love it 🙂

4. Having nights in at home, just us two. We’re both so busy we’re like ships in the night half the time. This was a week of tv watching, book reading (A Shepherd’s Life, James Rebanks), cooking, painting and eating at home. Bliss.

5. That book – a Shepherd’s Life. Reading its honest description of hill farming and in the northern lakes takes me back twenty years (eek) or so, to an afternoon of raking grass in my grandparent’s garden in the western Lakes. My granddad was reminiscing about haymaking in his youth (not sure how that came about come to think of it, as he grew up in Sunderland but hey ho), and my sister and I were given two rakes, appropriately sized, to rake the cut grass of his mossy field of a lawn. We would poke at it, granddad would do most of the work, and then we’d have big piles of ‘hay’ to be kicked at and sink into.

6. Watching ‘Room’ on Friday night. A great way to erase work thoughts and mellow into a world of both trauma and hope – do get to see it if you can!


7. Watching the clouds sail past on Saturday morning, drinking a pot of real Darjeeling tea from a glass teapot. Relaxing, not clock watching, and having one of those mornings I am determined to enjoy more often. Then getting out for a walk in a gale. Where you can hear not the leaves but the very branches themselves and their hollow rumblings as the whole tree moves in the wind. Feeling alive. Those pseudo arty farty types I love to scrorn but secretly want to be would probably call it a ‘mindful’ days, and jolly nice it was too.

8. Remembering how relaxing it is to paint a picture. I had a little quiet sit on Sunday, the wind going nuts outside with storm Gertrude or giraffe or whatever (what’s with naming windy days by the way when did that start and for what reason??!) and painted a picture with watercolours from memory. Concentrating on building the colours, not really getting it right and not really minding was a couple of hours well spent.

IMG_20639. The day when I FINALLY felt better (today) and was able to get back into pilates, and these INSANE exercises in the morning before work. Insane, but really really good. Just don’t be fooled by the floaty music and artistic title treatment as I was. Man they’re intense.

10. Writing this post, and reading those of Sally TangleMichelle, and Nadine. Lovely jubly blogs – thanks for the idea, and thanks for brightening up my week by reading about yours!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sallytangle says:

    Hello mrs! So glad you are getting there and feeling lots better, sometimes you just have to stop and give in! I’ll bet it was the icecream that did it, that stuff works wonders when you’re feeling less than best.

    Loved your description of your ‘mindful’ walk 😉 Don’t you just love being outside when it’s like that?! Although obvs when you’ve nowhere to be and don’t mind getting whooshed and blown and soaked all in one fair swoop!! I’m sick of storms and whoever bloody names them too! It’s like by naming them, that means it’s ok. ‘Oh yes it’s storm blah blah didn’t you know?!’ Am convinced those who name them don’t live anywhere near Cumbria (who seem to have been hit by every other bloody one!).

    I also have garden envy as i wasn’t organised enough to think ahead and plant some daffs then. I have however cut back our little potted hydrangea plant AND bought some herbs to grow on the window sill so i’m making up for it.

    Thanks for joining in, loved reading this xxxx


    1. Feeling better – but it’s still lingering can’t believe it!! But just done another round of Helen Mary which I couldn’t manage at all last week!

      Love reading your blog it’s made me smile and remember the good things.

      And remember Carlisle too – I love that city 🙂

      h xx


  2. Michelle says:

    I’m SO glad you’re feeling better and I’m a little bit in love with your attempt to self medicate with ice cream. It’s the grown up response to feeling grots.
    And those first few flowers of the season-how blooming brilliant are they? Naff pun pretty much intended.
    M x


    1. Aw thanks. I feel great coz I’m better, and fat due to excessive self-medication – time for walkies!


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