Crispy Beanshoot Salad

IMG_2036This salad would have been a good one for me to eat on Friday, struggling as I was with A Great Big Stinking Cold. It would have given me vitamins and perked me up.

Instead, I ate the following: tea, tea, cereal, toast, grapefruit juice (so far so good but wait), a coca cola fizzy straw, a packet of refreshers, some more toast, two doughnuts, an orange juice, a cuppa soup, some chocolate, two packets of french fries, two more orange juices. Then, at 11 o’clock when I realised I hadn’t really eaten any kind of proper meal that day, a jacket potato.

Ah well, can’t win em all. And actually those doughnuts, from marks and spencer and freshly baked, were pretty damn good I can tell you 🙂

But earlier in the week I had this salad, oozing with freshness and spicing up a workday lunch. A bit too much in my case. It would be a good idea to bring the chilli sauce jar to work and add at the last minute so that the salad stays crisp. Just a word of warning – do taste those chillies before adding them – I put waaay to much in and this salad nearly blew my head off – I couldn’t manage the last little bit. Scrummy though it was, I quite literally couldn’t stand the heat!

Crispy Beanshoot Salad
(serves 1)

1 carrot, cut into batons
1/4 cucumber, cut into batons
about 10 radishes, halved
2 chillies, chopped finely (taste them first!!!)
2 spring onions, cut finely on the diagonal
1/2 red pepper, finely sliced
handful of beansprouts
salt, pepper and sweet chilli sauce to serve

1. Just mix it up baby!

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  1. pinkiebag says:

    What a fantastic combination of colours,Chloe.


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