10 Things That Have Made Me Smile This Week Wednesday 13 January


  1. Going for a walk in my lunch break with my boyfriend. This was great for lots of reasons. Firstly, spending some time together in the middle of the day was lovely, as we very very rarely do that. Secondly, it was really nice to switch off totally from work, and hear about someone else’s day. Even if I go for a walk on my break, as I often do, it takes me a while to switch off, but being with someone else meant that I would think outside my little bubble for a while, and it felt good. Being outdoors in the middle of the day when my office was weirdly boiling hot was also very refreshing, as was the gorgeous sunshine we had for approximately an hour in the middle of the day – result.
  2. Finally getting round to painting a little bit of a windowsill where the paint has peeled off. Took about half an hour including washing the brush – should have done it a month ago.
  3. Discovering a new ‘diet’ that’s not really a diet. For ages I’ve been reading about mindfulness. I’m a huge planner, and so not very good at living in the moment. There have been lots of articles about mindful eating – not scoffing greedily, but eating when hungry, and really enjoying food, taking the time to enjoy the flavours and textures. I read that it encourages you to eat less – just what you need really, and enjoy what you eat more. And do you know what – it works! I’ll let you know how I get on – but I realised this week I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I feel really good. Food tastes better when you’re really hungry – and I like it way too much to starve myself. Which brings me onto:
  4. Eating LOADS of cheese this weekend. Totally ignoring point number two and eating Seriously Loads. Just. Can’t. Get. Enough.
  5. Enjoying really really good wine in a lovely restaurant with family who I hardly ever see this weekend. One of those wines that makes you smile, and not because you’re pissed. Delicious. Warming. Soul-cheering.
  6. Getting back into pilates after christmas. Eating and drinking merrily, getting up lazily, and being thrown out of the routine made this tricky, and this week I’ve enjoyed stretching and strengthening.
  7. Traveling.
  8. Getting back home after traveling.
  9. Feeling strong enough to really get my point across, concisely and confidently at work, without being afraid of what people think of me.
  10. Getting stuck into a really good book – Rory Maclean’s ‘Under the Dragon: A Journey Through Burma’ if you’re interested. I like reading books that are well written, but easy to read, and preferably make me feel like I’ve learnt something when I’m finished. This is supplying all of my above needs perfectly.

Hope you’re all having lovely weeks šŸ™‚

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