Meal Planning Monday 11 January


I’m a bit late this week as I was away for the weekend – but thanks so much Mrs M for hosting Meal Planning Monday again. Reading everyone’s plans always gives me inspiration.

Due to eating, drinking and spending lots this weekend (with no regrets as it was awesome!) I’m having a thrifty, healthy little week. So my meal plan is as follows – inspired in part by the fabulous Jack Monroe who has great suggestions for making meals which cost just a few pennies 🙂

Monday – Itsu sashimi and seaweed, with a packet of hula hoops on the train home (ok ok… – but I hadn’t really started the plan then).

Tuesday – Smoked mackerel, new potatoes, peas, spinach and broccoli (except I didn’t have the broccoli. I’m just not a fan. I keep trying though.) I’ll use the leftovers for lunch, spruced up with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Wednesday – Carrot soup and crusty bread.

Thursday – So I’m going to test out Jack Monroe’s Oh-So-Creamy Cannelini and Fennel Pasta. Except I’m going to swap the fennel for thyme, as it was suggested in one of the comments below, and because I don’t like fennel much.

Friday – Pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce (stick garlic, onion and carrot in the blender, sweat this off in olive oil, add tomatoes and hey presto – dinner!)

Saturday – Extra Veg and Extra Easy Spag Bol – as long as I’m not pasta’d out by then.

Sunday – seems so far away – my 10 hour pulled pork buns?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. The pasta was great – really yummy, creamy and filling – will add it to my staples!


  2. sebsmummy says:

    Wow it sounds really nice for a thrifty week especially the pasta #mealplanningmonday


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