A Cumbrian Winter Stroll


On a rare sunny day in the last couple of weeks, my family got out for a walk. Time to dust the cobwebs off the wellies and have a splash in some of the many puddles.


The Lake District was badly hit by flooding. Again. In 2009 several bridges were swept away and whole towns suffered swathes of destruction. Then we had the same thing last month. The rain just poured and poured. It poured onto saturated ground and then the rivers burst their banks. Power was off for days on end and towns were put on emergency generators.


One of my colleague’s houses is completely wrecked – she’s got to rent for 6 months while they carry out repair work. Leisure centres were turned into emergency shelters, and the main road that links the north and the south of the lakes is going to be shut for several months, except to school children who are not being escorted to school. A friend of mine has had her commute to work doubled owing to the bridge she usually crosses to get to the nearest village collapsing into the river.


The rains seem to have eased now as the weather’s turned more wintery. Hats and gloves back in action, crisp mornings cheering the soul. I even managed a walk with my boyfriend in our lunch hours today which was lovely – I can’t be kept out of the country for long without getting cabin fever.


Hope you’re all having lovely weeks, and the return to work isn’t too depressing!



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  1. shazza says:

    My mum lives near ullswater.luckilly she was ok but so many arn’t, its heartbreaking.Lovely pictures.X


    1. Thanks-yes there are still a lot of people with wrecked homes, very sad x


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