Meal Planning Monday


I always meal plan. Bit obsessive about it actually. I love cooking, and love eating even more, and organisation is my middle name (also to an obsessive degree) so meal planning comes naturally. I’ll be walking / swimming / lying in bed, planning the week’s meals, thinking of where to source ingredients, and who’ll be eating and when.

No really. I actually do this…

I usually base it around veggies, as we both love them and they’re so versatile (and so cheap). I’ll include meat too as I usually feel like it after a few days, mostly cheap versions; sausages, bacon, whole chickens (I buy a lot of chickens), but also big juicy expensive joints of pork and beef from my beloved Booths.

I make sure we have a balance on the carb front too. So one night we’ll mop up some juicey sauce with bread, the next day we might pile ratatouille onto crispy baked potatoes. Not as keen on rice, but enjoy lots of pasta too, and gnocchi. I love pulses and find them really easy to cook with – so our week will also include at least a couple of days with lentils or beans to provide substance to a casserole, or stodge to a veggie burger. None of this is particularly out of health reasons, although happily this coincides, but out of a very low food-boredom threshold – I hate eating the same thing too often.

One thing I’m not as good at including is fish – and I know it’s really good for all kinds of reasons. I enjoy eating it, but I don’t find it as versatile, so usually serve it quite plainly, and deliciously, fried in butter with new potatoes. I’m going to try and be a bit more inventive in the coming weeks.

Anyway – for now, here’s our week – looking forward to reading yours!

Monday – Veggie Chilli (tomatoes, chilli, carrots, peppers, red onions, loads of garlic, kidney beans and chickpeas) and guacamole. Rice for my boyfriend, who despite having very little interest in cooking, makes excellent rice.

Tuesday – more chilli mmmmmm

Wednesday – Jerusalem artichoke bacon n eggs (that’s bacon and eggs with Jerusalem artichoke instead of chips – will let you know how it goes!)

Thursday – goats cheese and leek pasta

Friday – oven fish and chips (‘inventive fish’ dishes still to come)

Saturday + Sunday – we’re both away on separate expeditions – back next Tuesday!

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  1. Mrs M says:

    I love a veggie chilli – you can throw so much into it and bulk it out good and proper, I normally always have a few portions in the freezer. Great meal plan, thanks for joining in x


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