10 Things That Made Me Smile This Week – 31 October

Autumn Leaves

  1. Autumn leaves. Can’t. Get. Enough. Best when untrodden, these crisp colourful large scale confetti pieces make a happy wash of colour along the lanes and town squares.
  2. Eating at this Greek restaurant in Manchester. My sister inspired me to write a ’30 before 30 list’; an aspirational though realistic list of things to do before I turn 30. On mine was ‘eat Greek food in Manchester’. Manchester has tons of fun places to eat from around the world, and in attempt not to fall back on Pizza Express (not that I would knock it – pretty decent pizzas these days) last Friday I went here with a friend. Dollops of garlicy Tzatziki, pools of silken olive oil for chewy hunks of bread to dip into and a large glass of chardonnay. Sitting contentedly amidst the hustle and bustle of this lively Greek joint, I enjoyed a nice catch up, delicious food and perfect relaxation after a busy few days.
  3. This week was a London trip for me, and one of the highlights was trawling through Viking remains at the British Museum. It’s my favourite era, maybe as I studied their literature at university so I know a little more about it than other historical periods.
  4. The Kati Roll Company. What a revelation – why didn’t I find out about this place when I lived here? Crispy fried pancakey textured bread wraps encasing juicy, vibrant fillings of meat and vegetables, with a tangy salsa of limes and red onions. Wow.Lights
  5. Finding this bright array of baubles in a shop on Marylebone High Street. Made me smile on my route through this lovely street of shopping bliss.
  6. Catching up with old friends – the ones who really really know you, who you don’t have to try with, with whom it is just comfortable 🙂Peckham Square
  7. When I found this golden square behind busy, untidy Peckham High Street. Past the plantain shops and Thai restaurants was this calm space of rustling trees and fallen leaves.Sushi Lunch
  8. Enjoying super fresh sushi and seaweed for lunch.
  9. A long walk through Regents Park, where the last runners were making their way home before dusk. Back down Marylebone high street and across Oxford Circus – still manic, still crazy. Down Regent Street, where I admired the majestic towering terrace that makes it up and wondered why I’d hardly even noticed it when living there. Through Piccadilly Circus where tourists took pictures and realised that there isn’t a lot to do here besides marvel at the blaze of lit up advertising hoardings. And down Haymarket – past those grand theatres (did they always look so grand and gleaming?) Arriving on the Strand, for pizza with friends.
  10. Arriving home to peace and quiet, and eating sausage and mash for dinner.

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