Happy Wanderings


Peaceful Wanderings

Once again I found respite from a busy work week stuck in a hot office in the surrounding hills and sea. Last weekend we went to the Forest of Bowland; no longer a forest, now a wilderness of moorland and rolling hills. A shady avenue of  trees led the way past a salmon fishing plant to the start of our little ramble. Just a little way down the track, we found ourselves in a deserted valley where we could hear nothing but the wind, grouse (of which there are many), and our footsteps – perfect 🙂 I realised it’s really rare to find absolute quiet. We’re fairly near to a motorway and you can often hear it from quite a way away if the wind’s blowing in a certain direction. The Lake District is becoming really quite crowded in places, with stereos and engines breaking across the countryside. You have to know where and when to go to escape all that.

Here all was calm, and for me, ‘real’. Real life, real nature striding through time, untouched by us humans. I wish there were more places like this.


Then yesterday evening we went on a little wander down the coast. It was a strange place of marshland and fields, where the cows were grazing right out to the shoreline. The strangeness was heightened by the lack of wind, usual for the northwest seaside. We were both feeling a bit under the weather, and this little wander revived us.


And then there was this sunset, before we went home for sausage buns. Not a bad Saturday 🙂


I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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