Meal planning Monday 5 October


It’s Tuesday, but hey ho. Anyone else feel that Tuesday’s are always a bit..meh? Too far from either weekend, plus I have mega boring meetings to start the day. So I’ll think about food instead. Here’s my plan for the rest of the week (sorry there’s never really seven meals here – I tend to batch cook, and with just two of us it goes a long way!):

Tuesday – chicken fajitas with all the trimmings (guacamole, salsa, strong cheddar cheese, refried kidney bean quesadillas)
Wednesday – Baked potatoes with cottage cheese and chives, or baked beans
Thursday – Falafel in pitta, with lettuce, tomato and sweetcorn, topped with Greek yoghurt
Friday – more falafel, as I plan to make a stash
Saturday – roast beef, with potatoes and turnips
Sunday – I think – more roast beef 🙂

Head over to for more ideas – she’s great!


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  1. Seren says:

    Chicken fajitas…can’t remember the last time that I had those and I love refried beans! Definite food envy there! x


    1. They were amazing! If I say so myself – took a while to put together though! But without all the extras they’re nowhere near as good!


  2. sebsmummy says:

    Oh roast beef is my favourite yet I rarely make it. Have a great week #mealplanningmonday


    1. I’ve changed my mind we’re having chicken in a leek, lemon and creme fraiche sauce instead with jacket pots 🙂 beef can wait!


  3. catherine@pushingthemoon says:

    Lovely meal plan. I have never made falafel before – I really should give it a go as I do love it! #mealplanningmonday


    1. You know what – neither have I! I make bean burgers all the time and fancied a change! h x


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