Sumac Roasted Beetroot and Chickpeas With Harissa Dip

Sumac Roasted Beetroot and Chickpeas with Harissa Dip

I’m feeling a bit frazzled at the moment. Work has just stepped up a notch as everyone seems to have got back into the swing of things. Funny that life outside school still seems to revolve around term times, where everything goes quiet in August and starts to ramp up during September. I’m fighting with over a hundred emails most days on top of actual work. I’ve got a bit of a thing about emails. Very useful, in plenty of situations, but in the vast majority of instances – completely unnecessary. The time it takes for one person to write the email, the other to read it and then reply is far longer than a quick phone call. Why don’t people want to do that? I know, I know – there are lots of reasons. Keeping a paper trail, having time to think about how to word things, and being able to include others in the conversation are a few reasons. Are they the real reasons? I’m just not sure. I got an email yesterday saying “Thanks for your email. I’ll let you know my thoughts soon”. Really? Why? Why send that? Why not send me your thoughts now? Or, why not think about your thoughts, and then send them? Why send an email if you haven’t got anything to say? Then you know those phone messages you get left, that end with “I’ll send you an email as well”. Why do that? Why leave a message, and then leave another one? You’ve done it – you’ve completed your task and left the message- you don’t need to send an email. I think we’ve got into the habit of texting and tapping rather than speaking, and I’m not sure why. Are we so used to texting and social media that we’re losing the art of spoken conversation, verbal requests and answering in person?

Ooh. Bit stressy that innit? My apologies, on with the food.

Chickpeas with Harissa Dip

At times like this I like a real meal in the middle of the day. Most days I have a salad, or toast and cheese, toast and tomatoes, or soup. But I found this recipe in Good Food Magazine last month and adapted it a little to suit my tastes for a more substantial ‘proper’ lunch. It’s healthy, hearty and delicious, and felt like a real treat to dive in in the middle of my rather stressy day yesterday. You could add more or less harissa to the dip – I found this quite spicy but I’m a bit of a chicken with heat. The chickpeas have a lovely texture. When they came out of the oven they were slightly crispy so if you had it hot in the evening you’d get en equally delicious treat. After a few hours in my lunchbox they’d developed a kind of skin making them fudgy and delicious. I’m linking up with Jacqueline over at tinnedtomatoes who compiles a veggie week of tastiness, published on Mondays.

Sumac Roasted Beetroot and Chickpeas With Harissa Dip
Serves 2

2 packs vacuum packed beetroot, cut into quarters
1 tin chickpeas, drained
olive oil
1 500g tub 0% fat Greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon sumac
1 tablespoon harissa
juice of one lemon
salt and pepper

  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees
  2. Tip the beetroot and the chickpeas into an oven dish, drizzle with olive oil, salt and sumac and bake for 30 minutes.
  3. To make the dip: mix the harissa with the lemon, yoghurt, salt and pepper
  4. To serve, either eat straight from the oven, or leave to cool.

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