An Early Morning Stroll

Morning StrollLast weekend I sprung out of bed really early and went on a wander. I say really early – it was after 8, obviously, but early for me. Sometimes it’s nice to be up before anyone else gets up and about, when the air is fresh, the grass sodden with dew and the only sounds are the birds and the cows. Wish I had the get-up-and-go to do it more, but alas, the lure of tea and toast usually wins. I saw the lovely cows above, watching my curiously as I stomped past in my pink wellies.

Morning Stroll

I also paused to watch the butterfly above busy itself with these thistle blooms. The picture’s zoomed in so it looks a little off – fake really – but it was all there!All peaceful, the sounds of the trees and the cows, the sheep and the wind. Perfect.

The location for my stroll was a farm track really close to where I live. We’ve now moved to the outside of a small town, and even though we’re really lucky and have a relatively private garden, I’m now hankering after open fields and wide views, especially on my little ramblings. Made me wonder whether I actually want to be a farmers wife when I grow up. When I got back home I googled ‘how to become a farmer’ (no – I really and truely actually did this) and got a bit freaked out. Realised that among the general financial and physical impracticalities of that idea there are two other significant points to remember: a) I am grown up and b) my boyfriend as no interest in being a farmer.

But I enjoyed my stroll.

Morning Stroll

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