Solitary Ramble

Lune Valley‘Lonely’ sounds lonely. Solitary sounds independent, strong, interesting. So I’ll go with that. They say (not sure who actually, but it sounds good) that walking alone is good for the soul – I love it. Starting off thinking of other drivers, car parks, work and housework you can begin thinking of trees, leaves, farms, farmers, clouds, birds etc etc etc. I wandered up through the Lune Valley a couple of weekends ago, choosing to ignore the pretty path by the river and climb up a farm track instead, away from all the other people.

Lune Valley

Think I’m turning into a bit of a hermit. I suppose it’s partly to do with being an a really busy office all day during the week, which is actually far too too small to fit 6 of us, with others coming and going as we go about our days. It’s boiling hot as well, which adds to a slightly manic atmosphere. And there’s members of three different teams in there, so most of us are as busy noisying into other people’s work and giving domineeringly adamant and unrequested opinions back and forth across the room – as well as slogging away, so there’s a lot of noise. We chat and laugh and grumble and debate, and it’s great fun (usually) so when I’m relaxing it’s great when it’s just the two of us – or in this case, just me 🙂

Lune Valley (4)

It was a really warm day, end of afternoon when most people were heading home when I arrived in the car park, packing away lunches, dogs and children back home. I love this time of day. The light’s good, for one thing, and the day seems to be taking a big sigh as it settles in for the evening – like me. I didn’t pass anyone as I wound my way up the lane, except lots of rabbits, grouse and sheep.

Lune Valley (5)

Hope you’ve been enjoying this lovely weather too!

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