Meal Planning Monday 13 April with no cooker!


I have no cooker! I say ‘cooker’ not ‘oven’ as its the whole blimmin’ thing – the oven and the hobs – no workie 🙂 Not sure how to cook now really – it’s gone a bit chilly for salads. And I had just received a lovely veg box full of delicious goodies to make minestrone and bean stew 😦 So here’s a microwave / picnic plan until conditions improve…

Monday – Jacket Potatoes, cheese and tomatoes
Tuesday – Pork Pie with beetroot and sweetcorn salad
Wednesday – Lemony Leeks and Goats Cheese on Toast (although not sure the leeks are going to melt into a silken softness in the microwave :(Thursday – Another jacket potato?…


Lets just hope I can fix my oven by Thursday…I’m not very good with the microwave 😦

Sharing this meal plan, such as it is, with Mrs M’s meal planners – hope there’s some more successful week’s going on over there!

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  1. myrecipebookuk says:

    Oh no! I’ve no idea how I’d cope without my cooker I use it every day. On the plus side, it’s a good excuse to try something different, you might discover a new found love for your microwave!

    Fingers crossed you get it sorted soon x


    1. Yes – microwaved baked potatoes are actually fine – and so quick and easy!


  2. Alice W says:

    Oh no! That’s rubbish. Definitely google slow cooker recipes that don’t need any oven-prep. Hope it goes alright xx


    1. Yes – might try a spag bol without browning the onions. I quite often leave out the meat-browning anyway x


  3. ojosworld says:

    Oh, dear. I’d be in trouble without an cooker too, I only use the micro for popcorn lol. Great sounding week, especially with the limits you have x


  4. Yes – and I use it a lot – usually brown the meat / veg first though. Maybe I could try without! H x


  5. sebsmummy says:

    Eeek, do you have a slow cooker? Might be worth picking up a cheap one to get you through the week. Good luck x


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