Meal Planning Monday 2 March 2015


Highlight of last week’s food were the fishcakes. I was originally going to make fish pie but it was more convenient to make fishcakes in the end for a variety of boring reasons. Something I will remember though is that the plain ones were much nicer than the ones with the smoked fish in them, which was a bit overpowering for the simplicity of the dish. Recipe to follow.

I’m cooking for myself for most of this week which means: CHEESE, HOORAY! It also means I can eat little snacky bits and pieces that some might say are Not A Proper Meal but I think are a great way to eat. So I stocked up on tasty unusual cheeses, pickles and tasty morsels from Marks and Spencer to create the following meal plan:

Monday – Better Jackets and Beans
Tuesday – Goats Cheese and Leeks on Toast
Wednesday – Goats Cheese and Lemony Leek Pasta (a variation on this)
Thursday – Out
Friday – White Stilton with Apricots, with tomatoes, chutney, grapes and home baked bread.
Saturday – Leftover Roast Chicken Pasties
Sunday – Hot dogs

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  1. Penelope says:

    Oh I miss cheese terribly. Your meal plan sounds lovely


    1. Can you not eat cheese – or is that for your son? H x


  2. Kim Carberry says:

    So much cheese….lol I like the sound of the Better Jackets x


  3. whitablether says:

    Mmmm cheese! Sounds like heaven x


  4. Can I come to your house on Friday please??


    1. mmmm it’s a winning combo isn’t it?!


  5. sebsmummy says:

    The’s actually sound amazing! I love cheese #drools


    1. He he me too and I am deprived as my other half can’t stand it – I just don’t get how anyone can not like cheese!


  6. Jen F says:

    The better jackets sound good, I was thinking of adding jackets to my week but will definitely try them next week! 🙂


    1. Ooh do – they’re much tastier than you might think because of the veggie combo and paprika – hope you enjoy! Helen x


  7. Oooh I am loving all of the cheesy meals, I love cheese especially goats cheese! Hope you have a good week x #MealPlanningMonday


    1. Yes and it goes really well with the leeks due to its saltiness – have a good week too! Helen x


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