Is a fruit and veg farm box delivery worth it?

Fruit and Veg BoxIs it worth it? It’s a tricky one to answer, as yes, it did cost slightly more than my supermarket shop. I got all these goodies pictured (that’s one huge bunch of cabbage; 1.5 kilos spuds; 6 apples, 6 bananas, 4 carrots, 3 onions, 2 parsnips, 5 satsumas, 1 red pepper; a bag of mushrooms and a dozen eggs for £14.99. In my local supermarket this would have been £12.85 – just under £3 cheaper.

However, my local supermarket costs from £2 – £6 for delivery depending on the time, and this was free! I don’t want to dismiss supermarket vegetables though. They’re mostly tasty, fresh and convenient, and a lot of supermarkets are going quite a way to ensure that a great deal of their food is grown in the UK. One of my local supermarkets, Booths, works closely with local farmers and suppliers to trace the food back to within around an hour’s drive of the shop. So it’s not really the case any more that supermarkets = bad and organic veggie boxes = good. I think it’s about making informed choices when buying from any supplier, and checking to see how and where a product was made, to ensure that as much as possible and reasonable, we’re not wrecking the environment any more than we should.

And there’s something about knowing that the food you eat comes from within 3 miles away. I’m supporting a local farm that might not be there otherwise. Farming, although not rare, is becoming difficult through over-use of imported produce and that’s something I think we should all look out for. I wouldn’t want the UK to become an urban jungle – I prefer looking at fields and trees. The food I got from this local delivery service was fresh, tasty and isn’t polluting the atmosphere by being transported long distances. As a small supplier, the veg scheme I used this time is trying to match customer demands and so they threw in the imported bananas and satsumas, but everything else is grown on the farm, or from local suppliers for the things they don’t stock.

I enjoyed this box, and I’ll shop from them again. But in general, I’ll just make sure to read the labels, and make some choices, and occasionally some financial sacrifices, to try to keep our lovely country the way it should be.

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