Meal Planning Monday 23 February 2015

Serious Monday morning blues today, definitely compounded by a) the fact I’ve got a work do later so will be home very late and b) I’ve just had a week off. And actually also c) the weather is grey but freezing, and there is a tiresome storm on the way 😦

But as always, planning tasty dinners is cheering me up. Last week’s all went very well, improved by the ordering of an organic veg box (more on this later in the week). I didn’t make the fish pie last week, as we ate more of the Extra Easy and Extra Veg Spag Bol rather than freezing it. I’m going to do fish cakes with the frozen fish instead now as they can be portioned up more easily, and they’re now in the early stages of construction, as I made a Cottage Pie last night so there’s now some spare mash ready to go.

So here’s the plan:

Monday – Him – Cottage Pie (a single portion has been prepared specially as I’m out)
Tuesday – Cottage Pie
Wednesday – Fishcakes (just for me – he’s away working)
Thursday – Cottage Pie
Friday – Fishcakes
Saturday – Cumberland Sausage Hot Dogs
Sunday – Too far away 🙂

After writing it down it looks like he’s going to overload on mince and we’re both going to have a lot of mashed potato this week. Ah well – how to spin out £3.45 of fish and £4.50 of mince 🙂

Looking forward to hearing what you’re all cooking  – do link up with Mrs M’s blog for more Meal Planning Monday.

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  1. I really need to start making weekly plans again. It takes the stress out of the week as well as saving money.


    1. I’m really addicted I plan every meal – maybe I should relax a bit more but you’re right – it does save money! H x


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