A Beautiful Weekend in the Beautiful Lake District

Lovely lovely lovely… I need some new adjectives to describe how nice the Lake District is. Not just the lakes themselves, which are indeed lovely, but the tranquil atmosphere, the sound of nothing but the birds, the sheep and the wind rustling through the trees. If you can get away from the tourists, that is. We stayed in a pretty touristy place actually in our weekend away, but because it was off season it was really quiet, which suited me just fine.

It is a problem though, the overcrowding. I grew up here, and I could swear it wasn’t as busy then – but is that just the idealising of childhood? I just don’t remember such hoards clogging up the roads, big cars swerving dangerously round the bends in country lanes, and the sheer numbers of people walking along popular paths. I’m actually in two minds about this though. I know it’s good for the economy to have tourists coming to Britain, and to a certain extent that applies to the Lake District too – more tourists spending more money that can be put back into maintaining the paths, roads and walls. But is that a circular argument – and if there were fewer people around would the area need such advanced infrastructure?

Not sure I’ll ever reconcile that one in my head. To me, I remember long sunny, empty, quiet days by the lake, playing in the water while our parents sunbathed. Or huffing and puffing as we petched up mountains in the baking heat of hot August days, complaining constantly as we got dragged around such spectacular scenery. So actually….maybe this is all in my head, as I could probably count the number of sunny days we had last year on one hand.

Hope you enjoy the pics anyway!

Helen x

A Beautiful Weekend in the Beautiful Lake District

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  1. Alice W says:

    So beautiful, the Lakes is a gorgeous part of the country. It’s a shame to feel like it’s being polluted in a way, but it’s hard because the tourist industry is so important. I hope you had a lovely weekend anyway šŸ™‚ xx


    1. Yes bit of a tricky one – they’re still lovely though šŸ™‚


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