Meal Planning Monday 15 February 2015


It doesn’t feel like Monday for me because…I’m on holiday! How glorious to have a week of pottering in front of me. Usually we race around sightseeing and seeing family on holidays, but for a variety of reasons, this time we’re At Home. And very nice it will be too. To idly leaf through magazines, stare out of the window, dream, cook and play Rayman (ahem…).

We had a gorgeous weekend in the lovely lakes (photos to follow). I really do feel so lucky to live here. I spent a lot of time in London wishing I was somewhere else, and I’m determined not to do the same now, but appreciate what I’ve got. So we booked ourselves into a B+B and went on some picturesque walks, and came home and looked out of the window for hours at the pastoral scene outside, with the sheep abarring and the cocks acrowing – no really 🙂

I went to a play last week, where the subject was connectivity. We’re all so connected these days. To our phones, Facebook, our friends, Twitter etc. The show discussed the need for humans to switch off – and I couldn’t agree more. Quite often I deliberately leave my phone at home when I go for a walk – it’s liberating to be on your own sometimes, and I expect, good for you. I think about all kinds of things I don’t usually think of when I’m totally alone, and then it’s all the more lovely to come back to friends and family in civilization. We had no mobile phone reception this weekend, which was fine by me. Gave us chance to look around us and completely relax from all the silly things we worry about on a day to day basis.

This week there’ll be lots of time for cooking, but I want to relax too. Here’s my plan – thanks Mrs M for hosting.

Monday – Beef pot roast with carrots, swede, onions and potatoes
Tuesday – Extra Veg and Extra Easy Spaghetti Bolognaise
Wednesday – Sausages and wedges
Thursday – Fish Pie
Friday – Bean Burgers
Saturday – Bean burgers
Sunday – maybe out 🙂

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  1. Hope you are having a good holiday. Lovely meal plan. I love the sound of fish pie


    1. I going to make it with frozen fish – never tried it like that before so it’ll be an experiment! Helen x


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