How Do You Eat Healthily?

EggsHere’s one (actually two) for you:

1) How do you eat healthily


2) How do you not drink too much?

I’m not talking about any weird diets, or any LA style eating theories to be able to survive on nothing and look amazing. I’m just talking about everyday eating – how do you enjoy food, and cooking, without, for want of a better phrase – being greedy?

I eat healthily by average standards. I like fruit, vegetables and salads. I eat mostly soup, dips, salad or eggs for lunch, and we hardly ever eat ready meals or takeaways, as I love cooking. I often use half fat butter and half fat milk. I eat a small portion of cereal or toast for breakfast, and only have 2 cups of tea a day. I usually bake my own bread, and make my own soup. I’m not a chocoholic, and I don’t like beer.

But I do like to eat out. And I do like cheese. Especially cheddar. And manchego. Ooh – and comte is divine. I also like sweet popcorn, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, crisps (esp Hula Hoops), these local biscuits, a McDonald’s cheese burger and pulled pork buns. I love chips with ketchup and mayo, curries, poppadoms, brownies, pasties, Thornton’s toffee and dime bars. So how do I do it? How do I say no to these tasty treats? There’s the 5:2 diet, there was the Atkins diet (remember that?), Weightwatchers, Slimming World and now we’re raving about paleolithic eating. But as I say, I’m ok with the every day stuff. It’s almost because I eat healthily that I can’t resist the really extra specially naughty things. Would love to hear what other people do about cravings for BAD food 🙂 ]

Or maybe it’s not so bad. You only live once eh?

Then there’s the drinking thing. I tend to be a bit all or nothing there too. I can go for days without a drop of alcohol. I don’t binge and I don’t drink every night. But there’s been so many occasions where I’ve decided to have one, and it’s so quickly turned into four and a headache the following day.

Ahh life, and food, sent to try us. Off to eat a cheeseburger now – till next time!

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  1. I think I’m exactly like you Helen, I eat pretty healthily but still treat myself (quite regularly!) to the naughty foods. I’ve started home making everything, even down to cereal bars, so that definitely helps. When I’m in the pub I’ll have a white wine spritzer or even just a softie (apple juice is my fave), and when I’m out for dins with my man we just have one glass each rather than getting the whole bottle!
    Generally I follow my own style of 5:2 diet where I’m good in the week and have treats on the weekend. Although I do try and be good on weekends. The key to it all is exercise – I walk loads and play hockey, so my self control lets me eat treats only on days I’ve earned it and done exercise!! Personally, I’d rather be able to eat what I like and be happy. Happiness = healthyness in my eyes, so don’t feel guilty about that extra spoon of B&J’s, just make sure you’ve been on one of your lovely walks that day!


    1. Yes I like the adapted 5:2 diet. My problem is that apart from swimming, and my walks – I don’t do enough exercise to lose that many calories – my exertion is much more gentle! Helen x


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