Bluebells on a Country Walk

Bit of a average week here, nothing’s terrible, but nothing’s amazing either. Work’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had to do lots of little bits, millions of emails, but haven’t got stuck into any projects, so I expect I’ve achieved quite a lot, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Actually… I know I achieved a self-awarded A*** this week with my midweek roast chicken, so all is not lost.

I decided to post some pictures of some gorgeous bluebells we found in the Lakes last year. They might be my favourite flowers. It’s not just the wash of happy blue and the way they cling to the ups and downs of the land, but the scent! I bought this perfume in honour of the lovely flowers and it puts me in a really positive mood when I spritz it in the morning. But nothing beats the real thing

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  1. Alice W says:

    I love bluebells! My Granny used to have them in the woods near her house…when are they out? There’s a park near us that sprouts them everywhere, so I want to be sure to catch them this year! Xx


    1. Not till April unless the weather’s really good, or bad! Gotta catch em quick though they don’t stick around!


      1. Alice W says:

        Ah ok..maybe we need to go more often so we can keep and eye out! xx


  2. Gorgeous photos, my mum absolutely loves bluebells. These pics make me think of her 🙂


    1. Glad they made you smile – they’re a bit out of season, but I adore them 🙂 loving your lunch pics by the way – bet your colleagues are jealous!


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