Meal Planning Monday 2 February

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Had the most peaceful weekend in Northumberland. It’s a tranquil and remote part of the country, which feels quiet in good weather and rather isolated in bad. As I was relaxing in the hot tub sipping prosecco (sorry…) I was wondering if I could live somewhere like this permanently. The gorgeous coastline, the mountains, the wildlife and the empty roads are all idyllic, but maybe the thought of living somewhere so remote is appealing because it’s a dream. Would I miss my walk to work, last minute cinema decisions, getting a bottle on the way home for dinner? Maybe not…

January was a good month really, lots of relaxing and walking and family time. But I prefer February, it feels like the year’s really begun, an optimistic month. Here’s my meal plan for the week – quite heavy on the meat, as we stopped off for local, free range produce at the best motorway service station in the UK on the way home from Northumberland – they even have a blog!

Meal Planning Monday 2 February 2015

Monday – Roast Chicken with Leeks n Tatties
Tuesday – out at the football (what??)
Wednesday – Creamy Pork in Apples and Cider
Thursday – Creamy Pork in Apples and Cider
Friday – Chicken, Leek and Chestnut Pie
Saturday – Chicken, Leek and Chestnut Pasta
Sunday – Eating out

What are you eating this week? Do head over to the lovely Mrs M’s blog for more Meal Planning Mondays!

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