Chicken Fajitas With All The Trimmings

Chicken FajitasBy trimmings, I mean guacamole, salsa and refried bean quesadillas. All that creamy avocado and fresh salsa and beans and spice and all things nice and oh yes they do appear very regularly on our dining room table. And these can still be made in a big batch – just fry double the amount of chicken and veggies, and then reheat them another day. I reheat them in a pan with a splash of water – as microwaving them can make the chicken a little chewy I’ve found.

This is one of my other half’s absolute favourite dinners – and I do aim to please 🙂 A good one to make on a Sunday, with a glass of wine and some music on, a little pottering and pootling around the kitchen before tucking in – my idea of a lovely night in.

Essentially one fries chicken and veg and wraps it up in…well, a wrap. However, it’s the extras wot make it. Here’s my way.

Chicken Fajitas With All The Trimmings
serves 4

For the Salsa:
6  large chopped tomatoes, preferably in season when they’re so much sweeter
1/2 red onion, very finely chopped
1/2 red chilli, very finely chopped (or to taste)
zest and juice of 1 lime
splash of good quality olive oil
salt and pepper

For the Guacamole:
2 very ripe avocados
1 clove garlic, crushed
1/4 red onion, very finely diced
1 tomato, diced
zest and juice of one lime (or two limes, if they’re not very juicy)
1/2 red chilli, very finely chopped (or to taste)
splash of good quality olive oil
1/2 level tsp salt

For the Refried Bean Quesadillas:
1 tin drained kidney beans
1 red onion, finely chopped
1 red chilli, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
handful grated cheddar or crumbly white Lancashire cheese (optional)
2 wraps

For the Chicken and Veg Filling:
2 chicken breasts (cut them up into thin strips and they’ll go further)
3 peppers
1 red onion
splash of olive oil
juice of one lime
salt and pepper


1. Mix all ingredients and leave to settle out of the fridge so that the flavours can mingle.

1. Mash up the avocado with a fork. It’s quite nice to leave it chunky – but just keep mashing until you get it to a consistency you like.
2. Add all the other ingredients and mix – but keep tasting, and adjust the flavours as you like. I like lots of garlic but not as much chilli – but it’s up to you! The garlic and the chilli flavours will intensify if you’re making it ahead of time.
3. Leave for the flavours to mingle

1. Fry the veg and chicken in olive oil for about 10 minutes. Halfway through – start on the quesadillas. Just before serving season to taste and squeeze over the lime juice.

Refried Bean Quesadillas
1. Fry the onion and chilli in olive oil in a small pan for about 5 minutes.
2. Add the drained beans. Mash them up inside the pan with a potato masher until they’re the consistency you like.
3. Fry on a fairly high heat for a couple of minutes until the beans heated through and slightly blackened round the edges.
4. Take a tortilla wrap and add it to a clean frying pan with no oil. Spread the refried beans over the top. Add loads of cheese if you like (my other half doesn’t eat cheese, which is at once very good and very sad for me).
5. Add another tortilla wrap over the top and press down with a spatula.
6. Fry for about a minute on each side until crisp.

Assembly and Eating
1. Place the chicken and pepper mixture in the middle of a wrap. Add guacamole, salsa and wrap up.
2. om nom nom nom nom nom

Chicken Fajitas


I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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