Leftover Roast Veg Dip

leftover-roast-veg-dipMy absolute favourite cuisine is Lebanese. I love the grilled meat, veg and breads, but most of all I love the dips. When I lived in London, I loved this place, especially their delicious wraps. Now that I’m back Up North there’s not as many middle eastern restaurants around – but please let me know if I’m missing something! I’ll post my recipes for hummus and moutabal (aubergine dip) soon – but in the meantime – here’s what happened the other week!

I love it when this happens – this really one of those ‘oh I just threw all these leftovers together and they tasted great’ a la Nigel Slater moments. Maybe.

Seriously yummy, very rich. Not Lebanese.

I’m entering it for the No Waste Food Challenge hosted on Elizabeth’s fabulous blog Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary, dealing as it does in leftovers. Head on over for more money saving magic – and for some dreamy photos of Shetland…

Leftover Roast Veg Dip
makes a small bowlful

about 500g leftover roast root veg (I used carrots and parsnips)
1 tbsp tahini (or to taste – it’s very rich)
1 tsp paprika
juice and zest of 1 lime
pinch hot chilli powder

1. Blitz all in food processor.
2. Eat. With carrots / toasted pitta bread / celery. Or crisps.

Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a super way to use up leftover roast veg! Pleased to see a new blog joining in with the no waste food challenge too – pleased to ‘meet’ you! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much – I’ve been loving your blog, especially the stormy Shetland photos 🙂 Pleased to ‘meet’ you too, Helen x


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