Meal Planning Monday

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I love meal planning, planning in gereral really – you could say I’m a tad obsessive – and I found the lovely At Home With Mrs M blog and the Mealplanningmonday a while ago – and have often used it for inspiration. So now, armed with my very own blog (only 2 days old!) here’s my meal plan for the week:

Monday – pork chops, jacket potatoes and kale (kale cooked in the pork juices = yum)
Tuesday – better jackets and beans (recipe coming soon!)
Wednesday – sausage and bean casserole (again – recipe coming soon!)
Thursday – pulled pork buns and salad
Friday – pulled pork buns #2
Saturday – sausage and chips / baked potatoes / mash
Sunday – sausage and leek pasta

Writing it down I’ve just realised we’re overdosing on pork this week, and beans….ah well – there are worse things!

Helen x


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  1. This sounds like a lovely plan! Good luck with your blog x


  2. Thanks to everyone who’s commented – I’ve had fun reading your blogs too!


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